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Focus on the production of industrial gas turbine inlet filter 


Discovery of differences in performance and value

• Capture submicron dust particles and reduce the sweep capacity of the dust remover to create a cleaner working environment.
• The superior surface filtration technology improves the pancake stripping capacity to ensure the longer service life of the cartridge.
• Higher filtration efficiency reduces the frequency of pulsing ash, and thus the compressed air
consumption is lower.
• Lower pressure difference prolongs the service life of the filter and realizes the low energy
consumption of the dedusting system.

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Focus on the production of industrial gas turbine inlet filter 

The mission of Jiangsu Xinghua Purification Technological Development Co., Ltd.

We should make sure that the leaders have the courage to pursue operating performance.

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Jiangsu Xinghua Purification Technological Development Co., Ltd. has obtained the ISO certification. Its...

We strive to become the company which benefits more to the environment for human survival In the production ...

Jiangsu Xingda Purification Technology Development Co., Ltd. (the former Dafeng Xingda Filtration and Purification...

XingDa Air Filtration is a high technology filter manufacturer supplying filters for resellers and OEMs throughout the world. We supply replacement filter cartridges to a wide range of industries as well as more than 200.000 filter cartridges for new filter houses annually through our OEM partners. Since we were established in 1976, we have continuously focused our effort on developing high quality air filter solutions for our customers within the gas turbine and industrial sector. 

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After years of development, we have become the leading enterprises in the air quality technology industry, the record of the use of products shows its excellent quality.

The prestige of the world is well known.

Commitment to high quality products.

By comparing the quality of the product to the expected value of the record, we continue to improve the method to foresee the challenges and to implement the successful solutions.

As a customer driven, providing solutions to manufacturers, we provide professional services more than expected and enthusiastic attitude of service for customers, to win the trust of customers, and to establish a successful customer relationship.

Unrivalled customer support.

Innovative technology leader

Through continuous investment in design and processing, we always maintain the advanced nature of the technology to ensure that the product is always in the lead.

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